Educational Program

Free indoor play

  • When the children arrive at school there will be a number of activities set up in the class for the children to take part in. They may choose what activities they would like to take part in. I try to change the activities but there are some activities that are always the favourites such as play dough.
  • Some toys are also put out for free play.


  • Every week or two I will introduce a theme. All activities and discussions will center around this theme to encourage understanding, general knowledge and language development. The theme for the week will be written on the board and we encourage the parents to talk to the children about the theme to further enrich the children’s understanding and knowledge of the theme.
  • I encourage the children to learn through play, we will discuss the theme at their level of understanding and try to broaden their understanding. This is not formal school I want it to be fun and educational in a loving and happy environment

Ring time

  • Ring time is when all the children sit in a circle (ring) and we talk and sing and learn.
  • I always start with a greeting flowed by weather discussion, days if the week song, months of the year song, counting and then we move on to learning about colours, shape and numbers.
  • We also sing songs usually theme related and dance and have lots of fun.
  • I also will do some gross motor activities, musical instruments, parachute play, science experiments, drama and many movement activities on different days.
  • Ring time is a very important time of day, a lot of learning fun happens so please make sure your child is at school by 9am so they don’t miss it.

Creative activities

  • After ring time the children will have structured activities that are set up in the class that they may choose to do such as playdough, puzzles, threading, games and drawing to name a few.
  • While the children are busy with the activities I will call them one by one to do an art activity. We will use many different mediums, textures and techniques in art time.
  • I encourage the children to express themselves through art so they do their art work how they feel they would like it. Please encourage them when you see their works of art, you may not see a perfect image but they do.
  • Art is lots of fun and I encourage the children to get fully involved and dirty so please dress them accordingly.

Free outdoor play

  • Free outdoor play is probably all the children’s favourite. Although it is a large part of the day don’t underestimate the power of free play. The children build skills running and playing outside, making choices and friends as they go. Free play is essential for a well-developed child and although it seems like they are just running around aimlessly they are learning many informal skills essential for a child’s development.
  • We have many wonderful outdoor activities including
    • Sandpit
    • Jungle gym
    • Trampoline
    • Bike track
    • Balls, skipping ropes, hula hoops
    • Texture tubs- changed often to encourage tactile development


Story time helps to ground the children after free play outside and is also a wonderful way to incorporate language development and understanding plus children love stories. We will read the story and have a discussion about the story. This is the last activity for the day before the children are collected to go home.