Daily Program

Every day we will do different activities with an emphasis on fun. The children learn many skills in many different areas and in order to cover all these areas we set out the following activities on certain days of the week.

Monday; Music

The children will engage in various musical activities including dancing and playing with instruments.

Tuesday; Movement day

The children will engage in Gross motor activities such as obstacle courses, skipping, ball skills etc. this improves mobility, Hand eye coordination and movement skills.

Wednesday; puzzle building

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the finest teaching aids available, it teaches eye hand coordination, problem solving skills, shape recognition and focusing skills. Each child is expected to complete 1 puzzle according to their ability and will receive a sticker as a reward. Please do puzzles with your child at home it is such a valuable skill for your child to learn.

Thursday; Show and Tell

Each child can bring one item to school to show the class and tell them about it. Show and Tell improves confidence and gives the children an opportunity to grow and mature. A theme related item is encouraged but any item is fine.

Friday: Baking or tuck-shop.

Tuck shop - will be held on the first Friday of every month. The children will each bring money and buy some treats that are available from the tuck shop. Please no more than R10

Baking- will be every Friday except when we have Tuck shop day. The children will Bake at school and take their baking home to show Mommy and Daddy.

Practical learning

Once a term I will arrange a special outing or show for the children. I will send a newsletter out with all details.

Daily Routine

07h30-09h00  Arrive at school free play in classroom

09h00-09h30  Ring time

09h30-10h25  Creative activity and free play while doing creative activity or puzzle building (Wednesday) or baking (Friday)

10h25-10h30  Tidy up time

10h30-10h35  Wash hands

10h35-10h50  Snack time

10h50-11h30  Free outdoor play time with tactile activity

11h30-11h35  Toilet Time

11h45-12h00  Storytime inside

12h00-12h30  Free play until parents fetch children